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                CREATRE MORE VALUE

                Qingdao Kingking Applied Chemistry Co.,Ltd.
                Focuses on the three major sectors of Home Fragrance, Cosmetics and Supply chain.
                Among them, Home Fragrance and Cosmetics are the company's core business development sectors.
                Qingdao Gold King has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2006. (stock code 002094)

                Innovative materials candles and craft products business

                The largest manufacturer in the same industry in terms of scale and comprehensive strength
                The maker of national and industry standards for China's wax products industry
                Home to a National Postdoctoral Workstation
                Ownership of more than 1,800 patents for worldwide
                Owns over 200 copyrighted works

                Cosmetics business

                Around the cosmetics industry chain
                Build a platform of "Yan Value Economic Industry Circle"
                Obtained regional management rights for hundreds of brands
                The domestic sales network covers more than 20 provinces
                A complete cosmetic industry chain has been formed

                Supply Chain Service

                Petroleum by-product trade